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Welcome to Saint Peter’s Senior High School

Saint Peter’s Senior High School is established as a Catholic Educational Institution which provides qualified education in both national and international curriculum, in order that the students are ready to successfully compete in a global market of fast changing world. They are prepared to develop an independent and high order way of thinking in accordance with biblical values and they are hopefully able to act with a moral awareness wherever and whenever they are.

Following the four pillars of education according to UNESCO, Saint Peter’s Senior High School is keen to accommodate it by adding the catholic spiritual value as the main core to implement spirituality of Saint Peter, the Apostle, as the patron of our school. Those are the holistic education system we want to achieve. All students should fulfil how to deepen their faith by learning to trust in the Almighty God, to broaden their knowledge by learning to know, to have a valuable habit by learning to do, to struggle for life by learning to be, and to open their mind and heart for others by learning to live together.     

To gain those ideal values of education, Saint Peter’s Senior High School is seriously implementing double curriculum, those are the 2013 National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum. We purposely provide two main streams for students to develop their academic lives, those are Natural Science and Social Science. Each student should seriously choose it according to his/her interest and talent. Beside those double curriculum and streams, which makes special of this school is how each student should compulsorily be mastering at least two foreign languages. English is for all students, and other foreign language should be mastered by students is whether German or Mandarin.   

Personality and character development has not enough been expected to emerge from the academic activities only, however excellent it is. In a normal situation and during covid-19 pandemic, to increase the emotional intelligence and find out and develop talents, all students has obligatorily to follow scout as a compulsory extra-curriculum and one other extra-curriculum whether on sports or arts. Beside those activities, we oblige all students to join virtual personal development trainings during this covid-19 pandemic, or in a normal condition we provide character building activities, such as a mental development training for grade 10 students, Live-In at a remote village for grade 11 students, and spiritual retreat for grade 12 students.

As a catholic school we oblige all students to have a daily spiritual exercise. To open our daily activities, students have to join morning prayer and reflection on the word of God in the Bible, and even students by turns with teachers have to lead those morning prayer and reflection. At mid-day we stop all activities and focus our mind and heart to pray the angelus prayer, and of course to end up our daily activities we close it with a closing prayer. By these spiritual exercises we hope the spiritual intelligence of each student will improve and it is what we mean with learning to trust in the Almighty God.

Is there some specific and excellent of Saint Peter’s Senior High School? Sure. Our school is a partner school of Goethe Institute Indonesia. What is the benefit for students to be her partner? All students who choose German as their chosen foreign language are allowed to appear and hold A1, A2, B1 certificates, and of course they have an opportunity to join a three-week summer course in Germany freely. Moreover, they have a good change to study their higher studies in Germany and probable work there.

Last but not least, as a principal we wholeheartedly welcome parents, students, and candidate students to be with us at Saint Peter’s Senior High School, a way to strive the future success.