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To be a Catholic School which will be able to compete globally with consistently put national culture in the front.

  1. To implement National Curriculum 2013 with a package system and to be strengthened with some subjects from Cambridge Curriculum for the IGCSE Level.
  2. To implement a program of increasing students’ competency on foreign languages (English, German, and Mandarin).
  3. Improving the competence of students, educators and education staff by collaborating with other institutions.
  4. To arrange an extracurricular programme and involving students to join the National Science Competition (KSN), the National Students Competition of Sports (O2SN), and the National Students Festival and Competition of Arts (FLS2N).
  5. To develop Catholic Christian values and character for all members of Saint Peter Senior High School through the Catholic Spiritual Exercises based on the spirituality of Saint Peter the Apostle as the patron of our school.
"Resulting both academic and non-academic qualified graduates who have capability to compete   globally, according to the demand of the time, based on the Christian values."