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Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Monday of the Second week in Ordinary Time, January 15, 2024

Our meditation today has the theme: Change is in God's Hands. Although it is acknowledged that globalization and technology play a very big role in the changing and progress of our lives, we as believers should acknowledge that there is something more than that, namely the changes are indeed in God's hands. God leads our lives and provides what are necessary for us including the rapid progress of technology and the strong power of globalization.

We from all nations in the world are currently experiencing signs and the consequences of a huge climate change. One that is very worrying is the global warming that threatens our survival on this earth. For example, rainfall is reduced and the source of springs dry out certainly causes failure in agricultural activities and domestic life. The food crisis will be a major disaster in this century. It could be natural habitats such as plants and other living creatures will soon be extinct.

These changes represent all changes in our lives, a single element and together as well, all of which will continue to change until the end of our lives in this world. All these changes indicate a goal that we want to achieve, even though we are often disturbed by fear of the negative effects of a change. It is God who makes the changes in our lives to reach perfection. We live each day guided by the light of His mercy and the power of His Word, which give us confidence in the certainty of our lives.

One of the strongest certainties is about God’s command to us to believe and to follow His will. The Lord Jesus was sent into the world because His mission was to make changes. This mission continues working to this moment. If it's not for change, He didn’t need to come. According to the First Book of Samuel in the first reading today, the change in the leadership of King Saul must occur. God wanted that change. King Saul was not pleasing to Him, so he must be replaced.

Today our High Priest Jesus Christ uses the parable of the new wine that has to be stored in a new wineskin, to encourage us to change constantly in time. The world of politics, economy, technology, globalization, the environment also changes and God does not let them escape from His control. The Lord is with us in all those changes that effect our lives.

We are involved and part of all the changes in this world with our minds, hearts and passion as believers. That means we do not change ourselves and participate in the changing of this world with the old ways and patterns of life that are contaminated with evil and sin. On the contrary, we live in the progress of change in this world through which we first change ourselves, then we should also change this world to become a better one.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father ... O God almighty, fill and encourage our lives today with the strength for the renewal and a better world. Hail Mary full of grace ... In the name of the Father ...