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The theme for our meditation today is: Lord, Look Not On Our Sins. This sentence is taken from
the prayer of peace that we always recite before the Holy Communion in the celebration of the
Eucharist. There is a close relationship with the removal or remission of sins with peace. People
who are free from sins, we can be sure that they experience a peaceful, serene, and comfortable life.
In reality it is not easy to always avoid sin, especially if the sins are from within ourselves, such as
from our mind, heart, and mouth.

We often repeat the same mistakes. If this is not treated with act of repentance and the reception of
the sacrament of Reconciliation, one may feel nice and comfortable living with sins. Consequently,
more and more sins accumulated and the person is no longer aware being a sinner even though he
or she does commit sins.

Therefore the prayer "Lord, look not on our sins" is an expression of our
unceasing petition as long as we are still on this world. If God does look on our sins and we are
only considered as sinners, we could be as useless as dust that people simply trample on the ground.
Instead we ask God to give attention to the faith of everyone from the people of God. We as sinners
have our faith, maybe even a strong one. This is shown in the act of Confession that confirms
ourselves as sinners and who have done wrong, as preached in the book of Daniel in the first
reading today.

Jesus Christ made only one account for our sins by the sacrifice of Himself on the
cross. What we should try to do now is to fulfill what is obliged from, which is our self-confession
and renewal of life before God and our neighbor.

Our faith does not immediately or automatically erase our sins. In addition to the confession of sins
that characterizes the faith, we are taught by Jesus to strengthen our faith with practicing virtues so
as to free us from sins and evil. Today we are taught on the virtue of generosity, and we are asked to
be generous like the Father in heaven who is generous.

One of the main characteristics of a generous person is to be the first to do good through words or deeds.
Therefore, to love after being loved or to exchange love is actually not generosity but fairness or justice.
With this quality of generosity, we do not judge, punish, or slander at first moment. Generosity
leads us to forgive first, to give first, to take the first step to be the right and good person. This is all
not to seek promote and show-off of ourselves, but because love is very demanding and we must
love. There is nothing to replace love. This can prevent us from increasing our sins.

Let's pray.In the name of the Father ... Father in heaven, we pray that You do not look on our sins,
but on our faith and increase you unfailing love in us. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with
you ... In the name of the Father ...