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Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Tuesday of the 6th week in ordinary time, February 14, 2023; memorial of Saints Cyril, religious and Mathodius, bishop


The theme for our meditation today is: The Cleansing of Sin from the Face of the Earth. When we clean our lovely places such as rooms, yards, fields, and the environment from dirt, this reflects our need for a clean atmosphere and environment. Cleanliness signifies our senses of beauty, health, civilization, and human dignity. Cleanliness also signifies our growth of faith.

A believer who chooses the path of purification in his or her attitudes and behavior, in all forms of relationship, and in the practices of piety which make his or her soul reside in God and God in him or her, these are the signs for a true believer. Any dirty human heart, soul and spirit cannot become the appropriate instruments in good relationship with God and with others. For example, a human soul that is dirty or suffocated with sins, it is mostly believed that the person’s relationship with God or neighbors is in real damage and suffering.

The healthiness and cleanliness of our souls demand the same with our bodies. Our clean and healthy bodies are the homes for our hearts and souls to grow in their proper and just ways. For example, a religious man who prays and meditates the mystery of God daily, or a Catholic who attends daily Eucharist celebration, but if their bodies are so tired or having certain troubles, they would easily find problem in their prayer and devotion. Their hearts and souls cannot become homes and be open for a good communication with God. Likewise, if our hearts and souls are in trouble and not in peace, we will have no good intention to meet and to spend more times with God or with our neighbors.

Today the Book of Genesis describes how God was so concerned about this dirty earth which was filled with sins. Satan who was the prince of evil and already strongly penetrated the life of human beings on earth, had made this world so terrifying. God did not want all human beings and their environment destroyed totally by the power of evil. And so, God decided to clean the face of the earth. The one important thing that God should do was to save the elect or a group of people who really won God’s favor, while those who were evil must accept their destruction because of the sinful life they had gone through.

Noah was the choice of God. He and his family survived. Through baptism we have received a consecration of ourselves to become members of the Church, and we have officially become the Lord Jesus' choice. We have received the grace of salvation. We are the other Noahs of today. The lifestyle and belief of the Pharisees or the scribes who did not acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God are not our conception of faith. The problem we actually face is always about the lack of awareness on the presence and work of the Lord who never abandons us. We should not underestimate this kind of weakness, but we should take action to renew it, so that we will remain on the path of the salvation as Jesus Christ is our Leader. The one who lives with the spirit of renewal has the right path for the salvation.

Let's pray. In the name ... O Jesus, may we always be filled with the joy of Your gospel that teaches us the path of salvation. Our Father who art in heaven... In the name of the Father ...