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Our meditation today has the theme: The Secret of a Helper. There is a female dog with three puppies that are very cute. In the morning the mother dog carried a number of bones from the back of the kitchen to feed her three children. Day and night the food were also the bones leftover from her master's kitchen. The next two days the food were still the same bones. The three children began to get bored and planned to fight.

Then all three agreed to do a hunger strike. They chose to sleep or play instead of eating bones. It turned out that when they were enjoying themselves, their mother brought fried rice from the master's kitchen. That most delicious food was just left alone until it was rotten, and the children were very disappointed when they saw for themselves that what their mother had brought was not the bones, but the most delicious fried rice they always dream to eat.

The mother dog is an example of a faithful helper to her children. Many of us are good and faithful helpers in one way or another. What form the help is like and how it is manifested, depends very much on the helper. The person who is helped does not need to be tempted to imagine the form of the help to be given to him or her. Lidya, a Christian woman in the first reading, offered lodging assistance to Paul and his companions. That is the secret of Lydia, a good and generous helper. Paul and Silas did not have to bother knowing all the contents of the plan of help from that woman and her family.

This is what we want to say about the secret of a helper. Do we ever know the secret of God's will to helps us? Never. The Holy Spirit sent by Jesus Christ and His Father from heaven for us, also has secret according to His will. Jesus only opens the card saying that His messenger is our Advocate and Defender. We just allow Him to do His job in helping us. We do not have the authority to force our desires on the Holy Spirit. The point is that, what He will do for us is our benefit and our salvation.

Anyone from us who have intention, will, plan and work to help, let him motivate himself on the principle of love. His help must be appropriate, positive, healthy and with the aim of bringing goodness and salvation to those people helped. We are not supposed to help others with evil means and ends. It is not helping, but only imposing one's own will which plunges others into trouble and suffering.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father ... Lord Jesus Christ, help us to imitate Yourself in helping others, and may we always open to all teachings of Your Holy Spirit. May we are happy to imitate your mother, the Virgin Mary, who is also a true helper. Hail Mary full of grace ... In the name of the Father ...